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Avast vs Windows Defender | Which is Best AntiVirus Software


The computer is one the greatest invention by humans which is now an important part of most of the people’s life. The creation of computer is very much complicated and innovative. Unlike any other invention, it does not have one specific inventor but has developed by many people who have worked individually or in groups throughout time to make a computer work. Before the computers were not that advanced and do not even have enough space to perform more than one function.

But as time passed there was some major development in the computer world. Nowadays there is no limit to what computers can function. Find the winner from avast vs windows defender article, there is so much space which you can use for anything from saving important documents to installing software and can perform several functions at a single time. It will be wrong to state that all these functions are operated without any error. You will need an anti-virus like windows defender while using your computer.

Why do you need anti-virus?

It is true that computer has so many functions which it can easily perform simultaneously but if you are not careful while operating you can lose your data or much worse can happen your hard drive can get crashed and you can lose all the files in it. The most common problem occurs in a computer is due to virus or malware which can corrupt your whole system. Some viruses slowly infiltrate your computer which makes your computer work slower and makes your screen freeze. Then there are viruses which corrupt your whole system as soon as they enter your computer.

You can easily tackle these kinds of problems using anti-virus and if you’re using a windows system you can use windows defender to eliminate these kinds of threats. Windows defender works silently, if you are working on your computer using the internet there is a risk that a virus might enter your system through emails or while downloading something from unknown sites. This can even happen when you are transferring files using pen drive but when the windows defender is activated it works quietly and deletes the virus or malware silently. It automatically scans the external hard drive, pen drives or memory card when connected.

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One common thing our household electronics can’t do without is the lithium-ion battery. You find these batteries in so many products such as your MP3 player, laptop, phones and mobile devices as well as your Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Out electronics and devices that have become an integral part of our lives can’t function without these batteries.  Just like every other technological product, lithium-ion batteries have their own side effects and benefits.  Here are some of the benefits


They are light in weight: Lithium-ion batteries are very light. They are small and handy which makes it your first choice among all the others that are available in the market. Besides other handy items like phones, they are also commonly used by golf carts and electric cars. They are in great demand by the aerospace industry.

High energy density: This is another immense benefit of the lithium-ion battery. This is what makes the battery maintain a high-power rating while it sustains the small size. The condensed size makes it a common choice in the mobile industry.

Longevity: These batteries have a very long life and it also gives a dependable performance over a long time. They can also be constantly charged without little or no effect on the capacity of the battery.

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Very low self-discharge: Most batteries lose a particular amount of charge when they are disconnected from power. The lithium-ion battery has a very low rate of discharging which is lesser than that of the other batteries such as nickel-cadmium. These ones lose their charge at a quicker rate even if you are not using the battery.

Low Maintenance: These batteries really need no maintenance to boost their performance. Nickel-cadmium and other kinds of batteries need a continuous discharge in order to keep up an optimal performance. As for the cons, they are

Transportation: As good as these batteries are, they are not so easy to move around and you might encounter many restrictions if you are travelling with them. You can’t move the lithium-ion battery in large quantity when you are travelling by air although some people move the batteries in their luggage.

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Costly: The procedure for making the lithium-ion batteries are quite lengthy and very expensive. The cost of production is 40% more than others such as the nickel-cadmium battery.

Circuit protection: If you regularly charge it, you are slowly making the battery wear out if you abuse the phone by charging.  Although these batteries have a built-in protection circuit that carefully keeps the voltage and current within a safe range.

Quick Charging: This battery has the ability to charge rapidly within a short period of time than the options you will find in the market. This is the main reason why the batteries are used for phones, tablets, laptops and other devices that require constant usage and charging.

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Using Monitoring Speakers

Record with high quality cables

To get the best audio recording, you must be ready to spend a good amount of your money on quality equipments. This is because nothing good comes easy. High quality equipments especially cables can be costly so you must be ready to part with your hard-earned money to get what you want.

The kind of cable you use is quite important although it may not be as important as the microphone you use due to the type of pre-amp you have; nevertheless, your cable will affect the final audio output so go for quality.

In conclusion, I advise you to also get a good vocalist and instrumentalist. If you have good equipments but a poor vocalist or instrumentalist you will still not get the desired result that you want. But if you have met all these conditions yet your final audio output still doesn’t give you that high quality sound, then you can focus on your monitoring speakers.

It isn’t every monitoring speaker that can give you your intended result so check your speakers. If you are sure it is your speakers that are faulty then invest in good quality speakers. There are many reputable stores that sell good speakers. Some of these websites proffer advice on the kind of speakers you can get.

Monitoring speakers for studios are available in different shapes, sizes, brands and materials so it may take some time for you to find what you are looking for. All studio monitoring speakers come with a bit of information so you can avail yourself the opportunity to go through it. It can help you fine tune your search. The truth is that everyone who understands the process of recording audio knows how essential monitoring. 

Aim to record at 24 bits not 16
Thanks to advancement in technology we can record at 24 bits. This is why you should no longer go back to recording at 16 bits except your computer is very slow.
Recording at 24 bits gives you a wider range of volumes within the file that you can choose from. This option also means you don’t need to bother yourself about recording in red. But if you need to your recording to be 16 bits, you can switch it to 24 bits later.

Get a good microphone
If you don’t use the right microphone, you can get a poor output so it is imperative for you to select the right kind of microphone. I always advise that your microphone must have a muff. Get condenser microphones. This is what is used in many studios and it is what you should opt for. Dynamic microphones are good for vocalists but not all kinds of audio recording require dynamic microphones. You can test the different kinds of microphones available to you and choose the one that suits your need.

Everything should be properly positioned
Your microphone should be in the right position and the room should be sound-proof. You acoustics must produce great sounds and your microphones must be functioning properly. It must not be too close or too far from the vocalist or the instrumentalist. You can stand wherever you feel like standing and expect to have a great audio. It doesn’t work that way. There are ideal positions you must take to get the desired audio output. Before you begin to record, ensure you stand in the right position and your microphone must also be in the right position. Check the placement of your monitoring speaker; the sounds or audio generated from the speakers will also affect the audio output depending of its position in the room.