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Avast vs Windows Defender | Which is Best AntiVirus Software


The computer is one the greatest invention by humans which is now an important part of most of the people’s life. The creation of computer is very much complicated and innovative. Unlike any other invention, it does not have one specific inventor but has developed by many people who have worked individually or in groups throughout time to make a computer work. Before the computers were not that advanced and do not even have enough space to perform more than one function.

But as time passed there was some major development in the computer world. Nowadays there is no limit to what computers can function. Find the winner from avast vs windows defender article, there is so much space which you can use for anything from saving important documents to installing software and can perform several functions at a single time. It will be wrong to state that all these functions are operated without any error. You will need an anti-virus like windows defender while using your computer.

Why do you need anti-virus?

It is true that computer has so many functions which it can easily perform simultaneously but if you are not careful while operating you can lose your data or much worse can happen your hard drive can get crashed and you can lose all the files in it. The most common problem occurs in a computer is due to virus or malware which can corrupt your whole system. Some viruses slowly infiltrate your computer which makes your computer work slower and makes your screen freeze. Then there are viruses which corrupt your whole system as soon as they enter your computer.

You can easily tackle these kinds of problems using anti-virus and if you’re using a windows system you can use windows defender to eliminate these kinds of threats. Windows defender works silently, if you are working on your computer using the internet there is a risk that a virus might enter your system through emails or while downloading something from unknown sites. This can even happen when you are transferring files using pen drive but when the windows defender is activated it works quietly and deletes the virus or malware silently. It automatically scans the external hard drive, pen drives or memory card when connected.

How can you lower the risk of infiltration of the virus?

There is always a need for anti-virus for your computer system to protect it from the viruses, malware, and bugs. You can also take some measures so that your system doesn’t get infiltrated with viruses, such as:

  • 1. Avoid using unknown websites which can harm your system.
  • 2. If you want to download some game or any other application try to download it from its official websites.
  • 3. Block the pop-adds which can take you to infected websites.
  • 4. Scan for viruses in the pen drive or external hard disk drive before transferring the file.

You can install all kind of anti-virus but it will crash after some time and even make your computer slow but windows defender works in the background all the time protecting your system.